identify digital evidence & intelligence in the workplace or home

Digital Investigations

  • Workplace Misconduct
  • Trade Secret/IP Theft
  • Harassment & Discrimination
  • Breach of Privacy

  • Ethics & Corruption
  • Inappropriate Material
  • Embezzlement & Fraud
  • Piracy & Copyright Violations

  • Cyber-Stalking
  • Wrongful Discharge
  • Infidelity & Divorce
  • Conflict of Interest

With backgrounds in computer forensics, law enforcement and corporate computer security, Binary Intelligence specialists are uniquely qualified to conduct modern corporate and domestic inquiries. We understand that powerful evidence is often hidden in unallocated hard drive clusters or buried in forgotten network server logs a thousand miles away. Our investigators pursue this compelling electronic evidence that is typically overlooked and exploit it for investigative leads, corroborative proof and “smoking gun” evidence.

You can count on Binary Intelligence to uncover the facts critical to your case. Some of our most common engagements include:

  • Theft of intellectual property or confidential data
  • Access or transmission of inappropriate material
  • Productivity review
    • Is an employee spending inordinate amount of time surfing the Internet?
    • Is an employee conducting personal business on company time?
    • Is an employee playing video games during work hours?
  • Policy violations
  • Fraud and theft

Services for Businesses, Human Resource Professionals, and Their Counsel

  • Examine computer activity of employees pending, or previously, terminated
  • Discover and analyze digital evidence pertinent to policy compliance violations, harassment allegations, and discrimination/wrongful termination proceedings
  • Provide electronic discovery assistance (production orders or requests)
  • Investigate instances of data leakage, intellectual property theft, and corporate espionage
  • Covertly monitor employees or executives suspected of wrongdoing
  • Provide complete incident response services for hacker intrusions, confidential data disclosures, employee theft/fraud, and other high-priority events
  • Proactive business intelligence inquiries to identify mass compliance violations such as employees accessing inappropriate websites, unauthorized computer/device connections to company networks, and installation of unauthorized software programs
  • Regulatory compliance response services to satisfy Sarbanes-Oxley, GLBA, HIPAA, and other legislative acts
  • Data and password recovery

 Services for Attorneys, Other Investigators, and Their Clients

  • Computer evidence acquisition and hard drive/media imaging using court approved forensic methods
  • Computer forensics, network forensics, mobile phone forensics, and wireless forensics
  • Search acquired evidence for case relevant keywords and documents
  • Identification and recovery of deleted or encrypted files
  • Recovery and examination of electronic communications (email, chat, instant messages, VoIP, etc.)
  • Discover evidence of file deletion, tampering, encryption, or other attempts to conceal activities
  • Review of expert reports and conclusions
  • Uncover and analyze past Internet activity (websites visited, file transfers, remote access, etc.)
  • Search acquired digital data for evidence of non-compete violations, intellectual property theft, unauthorized use, and other infringements

Services for Individuals

  •  Internet activity review (website access, electronic communication, etc.)
  • Recovery of deleted or password protected files
  • Covert monitoring (screen recording, keystroke logging, capture email/chat, etc.)
  • Tracing of email and other messaging protocols
  • Cyber-Stalker identification

Binary Intelligence