CEIC 2012 Conference Cell Phone Forensics

CEIC 2012 – Day 1

As a newer member of Binary Intelligence I have not had the opportunity to attend a digital forensic conference yet. I think it is suiting that CEIC will be my first, but it will set the bar high for those who follow. If you did not have the pleasure to attend CEIC 2012 you can follow this blog all week for updates relating to the conference and what’s going on!

Day one is all about familiarizing yourself with the conference and socializing with those within the industry. The main event wasn’t the registration, the keynote speaker, or even the first learning session, it was the amazing pool side reception put together by the conference host, Guidance Software. I must say the planner of this social event hit the head on the nail. As I turned the corner of the pathway to the pool I was greeted by a rolled out blue carpet and a sea of people who were attending this four day digital forensic conference. There were about 4 or 5 different open bars set up around the pool and 4 + buffet tables set up to eat from. The entertainment was a type of Cirque du Soleil and they set the tone of sophistication (in my opinion). The venue was the Red Rock Resort and the pool set up was amazing. It gave me a “beachy Tropicana” feel. I would have to guess there were nearly 2,000 people at this social event eating, drinking, talking digital forensic shop, networking, laughing, and simply relaxing.

I had the pleasure of sitting through a session today that focused on mobile forensic with Apple IOS systems. I chose this specific sessional over the others because of the drastic jump in mobile phone forensic work we have obtained at work. It isn’t a surprise that we have seen a spike in mobile phone cases. Binary Intelligence is one of maybe 2 or 3 companies who can do chip off forensics on iPhones, Androids, and even disposable phones.

I look forward to working up a blog post for tomorrow. It’s a full day with several sessions. If you want to hear about something specific please comment below and I will make it happen!


Daniel Parsons

Computer/Mobile Forensics Examiner

Binary Intelligence